Further Applications

Widening the Net

European Disaster and Rescue Coordination

The police application of LinguaNet permits rapid and secure inter-regional communication for a range of crime and accident related topics. It speeds up international communication by structuring the messaging process and by translating message contents. In so doing it not only compensates for the relaxation of police and immigration frontier controls within the European Union but offers unique opportunities for improving cooperation between a wide range of public services in Europe, especially those such as fire and rescue, medical, ambulance, coastguard and emergency planning which traditionally work together. in this context, stand alone portable LinguaNet networks can be brought into service in the event of major emergencies. The same arrays can also be used for multinational exercise and training purposes.

Communications in Private Sector Organisations

The development also has applications and benefits for organisations which suffer from the effects of criminal activity conducted on an international scale. Equipped with LinguaNet the police are better able to respond to the cross-border crimes which affect these organisations.

LinguaNet is not of course solely directed at public service applications. Whilst the European police and emergency services represent an excellent developmental environment there are other international organisations and industrial sectors within which the LinguaNet concept would work well. Organisations active in sections such as banking and finance, leasing and hiring, manufacturing, transport and security are examples. They benefit indirectly from the use of LinguaNet by the police and directly from independent tailor made versions of LinguaNet for their own organisational communications especially where these involve the use of more than one language.

Gateways Between Networks

In some cases it may be beneficial to create restricted gateways between otherwise independent networks. A good example of this is the troublesome cross-border topic of bank/ credit card fraud. Many international reports and enquiries which could be made between European police forces and between police forces and issuers following interceptions and fraud alerts are not being made because of the difficulties of doing so using conventional communications. Some of these difficulties are already being resolved by way of a specially designed multilingual and multimedium bank card facility on the police version of LinguaNet and the provision of a separate LinguaNet network to some issuers. This could be made still more effective if the means existed for the direct exchange of card information between police and the issuers.