The LinguaNet Project

A multinational, multimedium communications system build. Tailored to work for specific professional applications over independent networks, LinguaNet employs user-specified message templates and other linguistic controls, graphics and sounds to achieve fast and accurate messaging and information provision across language and administrative barriers. LinguaNet has grown from fifteen years of successful research and design of operational language and protocols for sea, air, police, business and Channel Tunnel emergency service operations. It has applications therefore in many networks in both the private and public sectors. The application and design context outlined in this brochure is the police and emergency services of Europe. Fifteen forces in five countries are presently working with the developers to enhance and extend the purpose-built LinguaNet prototype which now links them.

Introduction LinguaNet and European police and emergency services
The Problem As Frontier Checks are relaxed within the European Union...
The Prototype How it works
Prototype installations: 1993-1995
Network Expansion: 1996
Methodology How LinguaNet tackles the problem
Connectivity How LinguaNet links the agencies and officers
Functionality How LinguaNet technology handles messages
Further Applications Widening the Net
EC Telematics The Applications Programme
Test-Bed LinguaNet: a European Project in Language Engineering
The Test-Bed LinguaNet Consortium
Chronology The precursors to LinguaNet in publications
Further LinguaNet information from:
Edward Johnson
Prolingua Ltd.
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181a Huntingdon Road,
Cambridge CB3 0DJ
Tel + 44 (0)1223 276815
Fax + 44 (0)1223 276813
Police enquiries concerning LinguaNet:
LinguaNet Project Section
Kent County Constabulary
Longport Police Station
Ashford Road, Newington
Folkestone, Kent CT18 8AP
D.Supt.C.Grieve, D.Insp.J.Gledhill, D.C.K.Mitchell
Tel: +44 (0)1303 289271

LinguaNet 1996/7

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